What users need to know about a shared vacation

Consumers are still "confused" by the various vacation options offered in today's changing second home / holiday club. To simplify the questions, we present a short Q&A platform to help consumers decide what type of product best suits their needs. These are initial questions to help consumers address the wide range of information available from […]

Please contact and reconnect with Spa Spa Getaways

Looking to take a break from your hectic lifestyle and reconnect with some old friends? There is nothing like an escape spa to help you find your inner self as well as rediscover your dearest friends while enjoying a little look. Spa packages give groups the opportunity to indulge in treatments, eat healthy and enjoy […]

Younger and younger breeds the snowbird

Some snowbirds remain on the RV view overnight. Some miss the campsites weekly. Some join their friends every year at the nation's best RV resorts. We know that. They travel to Florida, Arizona, California and various destinations to Canada. They drive, come alone, or are accompanied by family and friends. What they have in common […]

Tucson, Arizona Vacation Rentals

Tucson, Arizona Vacation Rentals give the vacationer a sense of home away from home. Families prefer to rent vacation homes to stay together while they are vacationing. Families can enjoy home-cooked meals as well as enjoy the taste of food at a local restaurant. All the necessary amenities and options for a long stay are […]